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Surfer Jack Studios

is now

Surfing Giant Studios

Originally, Surfer Jack Studios began as a snug creative house specializing in ingenious storytelling and

irrepressible song-writing for projects of all sizes.

While working on the hit animated show, “Phineas & Ferb,” our three founding members: Jeff “Swampy” Marsh,  Lance LeCompte, and Bernie Petterson, decided that they would like to work at a place where

1) they could laugh together all day while 2) concocting animated shows with musical content

3) be blocks from the ocean in Southern California – which is how “Surfer Jack” was born.

Pulling talent from the Nether, the three gathered artists, writers, and creative production staff into a small building right off Abbot Kinney in Venice, California and began developing the show, “Pete the Cat.” Since then, Surfer Jack has grown in both it’s scope and talent, and has continued exploring and producing new content for multiple entertainment providers.

In 2018, Surfer Jack Studios officially partnered with Alcon Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Music Group to create a new joint venture, Surfing Giant Studios. Combining these diverse forces gives our growing team a stronger creative, music and production presence in the industry…

If you find yourself in Santa Monica, come grab a surfboard and join in the fun!

Television Animation Production in Venice, CA

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